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About Literature / Professional Official Beta Tester Kay FreeFemale/United States Group :iconproject-semicolon: Project-Semicolon
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"Release your downpour, it's not for you that my shoes slip, make me stumble, they make me fall to the ground.." - Kevin Carlberg


Full Works (With Complex BG)
.: Speed Of Sound :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Good Life :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Firing Squad :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Battle Scars :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: See You Again :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Seventeen Forever :. by MorningAfterWolf
An art piece from me with a complex background....
Reference Sheet
Veil Reference Sheet 2015 by MorningAfterWolf
Jaeger Reference Sheet Winter 2015 by MorningAfterWolf
.: Siren Reference Sheet 2015 + Speed Paint :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Jaeger Reference Sheet Summer 2015 :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Lucca Reference Sheet 2015 + Speed Paint :. by MorningAfterWolf
A reference sheet of your character drawn by me...
Full Works (No BG)
.: Burnin It Down :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Never Stop :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Highway Appeal :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Rap God :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Speed Limit :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Never Gonna Be Alone :. by MorningAfterWolf
Just an art piece from me without a background is all...
Journal Skin Design
MorningAfterWolf Journal Skin Fall 2014 by MorningAfterWolf
MAW Stormy Journal Skin by MorningAfterWolf
MAW Journal Skin (Amped Edition) by MorningAfterWolf
MAW Journal Skin II by MorningAfterWolf
MorningAfterWolf Journal Skin 2015 by MorningAfterWolf
If you want someone to design your journal for you (design it, NOT code it), I'll do it for you...
Chibi (No BG)
.: Chibi Jaeger :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Ordinary Man + Speed Paint :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Cheerleader + Speed Paint :. by MorningAfterWolf
A Chibi version of your character drawn by me...
Flat Color (No BG)
.: Chibi Angel Kevin :. by MorningAfterWolf
Kevin Icon (Fall 2014) by MorningAfterWolf
Flat Color / Basic Shading is all...
Digital Sketch (No BG)
Blue Stahli WIP by MorningAfterWolf
Born To Lead WIP by MorningAfterWolf
Shattered III WIP by MorningAfterWolf
You Complete My Heartbeat WIP by MorningAfterWolf
A basic sketch available to you if you commission me, this will NOT be in color although it WILL have your character's markings drawn in...
Traditional Sketch (No BG)
Bottle Of Rum WIP by MorningAfterWolf
.: The Phoenix :. by MorningAfterWolf
.: Highway Appeal WIP :. by MorningAfterWolf
See You Again WIP by MorningAfterWolf
Firing Squad WIP by MorningAfterWolf
A traditional sketch on paper from me is all..


You're welcome
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hey thanks for the fav!
Tue Jul 7, 2015, 8:39 AM
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Sleeping With Sirens

Art Status / To Do List / Art Owed To Me

Art Status

- 0/1 Requests OPEN

- 1/1 Art Collaborations OPEN

- 0/2 Art Trades OPEN

- 0/3 Point Commissions OPEN

To Do List

- Full Works (With Complex Background) for TheMidnightWhispers
- themidnightwhispers.deviantart…

- Journal Skin for Adoptablesfaire

- Full Works (No BG) for CraftyAllie

Art Owed To Me

- Shocks and Jaeger - DS-AL-Z

- Shocks and Jaeger - skul-duggery


What do you use to draw?

- I use a Wacom Bamboo Create (CTH - 670) drawing tablet and PhotoShop Elements 9.0 to draw digitally; I use a mechanical pencil and any scrap of paper I can get my hands on to draw traditionally.

What software(s) do you use for your speed paints?

- I use Debut Video Capture for recording my computer screen as I speed paint and I use Windows Live Movie Maker for speeding the video up and turning it into an actual speed paint.

Can I reference/use your art?

- Simple answer, no. I don't usually allow anyone to reuse or reference my art unless I give you my permission which clearly states otherwise.

When did you start drawing and how long have you been drawing for?

- I started drawing back in 2006-2007 and I've been drawing for about 7-8 years; I've been doing digital art for a little over 3 years now.

Do you take requests?

- I usually don't take requests although I might take 1-2 if and when I livestream through Join Me.

Can I draw gift art for you?

- Sure, knock your socks off; go wild with it. I can't tell you how much I love getting gift art. It makes my day when you guys do that sort of thing for me, I can tell you that.

How old are you and what grade are you in?

- I'm currently 17 years old and I'm in my Senior year of high school.


What do you see me as? 

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Which internet browser do you use? 

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Do you play Guitar? 

7 deviants said Yes, I do! (Same here...)
6 deviants said No, sorry, I don't play guitar...


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Donate to my donation pool for :points: commissions or if you just feel like it, either one's fine by me...

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I'll be busy on 8/1/15 due to my going to HersheyPark with Jonah! :squee:
I'm back in action! Expect some new art in a couple hours or maybe days if I have enough time! :D
To everyone who visits my page, smile for me... You are wonderful, unique, special, and amazing in your own way - don't forget it...

It's the beginning of a new year; let's all make this year a good one...

Tag! :D

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 19, 2015, 2:19 PM
Tagged by Aricy

Here are the rules:

-Each person who got tagged MUST share at least 13 random things about themselves no
-Answer my questions in your own journal entry, not in the comments of this one. 
-Tag 13 people no 
-Ask 13 questions
-Tagbacks are allowed! 
-You must complete this journal within a week
-Cussing is allowed
-Be creative with the title

can i not list 13 facts cause i have none.

1. What is your most extreme adventure you were in?

Does petting a python count?

2. If you would meet with a vampire, what would you do?

Chase them up a tree? I don't know...

3. Would you sacrifice your own life for the one you love? 
(boyfriend/girfriend, family, children)

of course

4. What kind of magical creature would you choose if you would have a chance?

A Phoenix 

5. What is your favourite sweet food?

Marshmallows! :D

6. What is the meaning of your life right now, or future plans?


7. Do you have a love right now?


8. What was your happiest moment in your life?

I don't know, I have too many...

9. How do you imagine your wedding, or what was it like if you already married?

I imagine my wedding being on either a beach or an unknown area... I don't know *blushes*

10. What is your favourite poem?

I think it's called "Stopping By The Woods On A Snowy Evening" by Robert Frost...

11. What kind of super power would you choose?

I would choose the ability to shape shift...

12. When was the last time you cried on something?

I don't know...

13. Hot or Cold weather?

60 degree weather I guess counts as cold so...

Aricy's questions:

What do you do when a random person calls/texts you?

I tell my mom then ignore it...

What would you do if you could have the ability to fly?

I would fly to Canada or Germany...

What anime/cartoon/tv show would you want to be in?


Do you have any siblings? If so, how many?

Only child! :)

Where are you from?

I was born in Bulgaria but I live in the US!

What is your favorite animal?


Do you like MLP FiM? (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)

I hate it! :rage:

Why is the question number 13? Why not 7??


Favorite Anime/cartoon/tv show?


Favorite digital artist here on dA?

Too many to name...

Any pets?


What is your favorite OC that you've made?

Kevin! :)

What do you like to do most? (besides drawing of course)

I sing, write stories, take pictures,  and play guitar...

My Questions:

What character of mine is your favorite?

Do you play any musical instruments?

What is your favorite song?

If you could be with anyone right now, who would it be and why?

Whatis your favorite number?

What grade are you currently in?

What kind of phone/tablet do you have?

Where were you born?

What time is it for you right now?

How are you feeling right now?

What color are your eyes?

What is your favorite color?

When were you born?

I tag TheDaylightWolf, Krissi2197, Soft-Ears, MissingBlue, and WildWolvess

  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: "Morning After" - Kevin Carlberg
  • Reading: Literature Pieces
  • Watching: How To Train Your Dragon
  • Playing: iPad 2 and iPhone 5C
  • Drinking: Water


Kay Free
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Goes by the names of Kay - KF - Julia - Morning - MorningWolf

Photography Account: MorningAfterStudios

Main Fursona : Shocks
Primary Alternate Fursona : Kevin
Secondary Alternate Fursona : Siren
Tertiary Alternate Fursona : Veil
Quaternary Alternate Fursona : Pierce
Quinary Alternate Fursona : Lyle
Boyfriend's Fursona : Jaeger

In memory of my dad who passed on September 16th, 2013 : Hansi

“I try to live more in the right now than anything else, I’m enjoying life. I don’t take anything for granted anymore..” - Kevin Carlberg

I'm a 17 year-old female graphic artist from Pennsylvania who tends to be wary of others on occasion.. I like to spend my time doing what I do best, writing, drawing, and singing, some say I'm really good with all three but that remains to be seen by me..

I love anything with logic and I'm not sure how to explain this next one; here it goes, I also love to figure people out without letting them figure me out... <- I'll let you decide for yourself what the meaning of that is..

I'm fiercely optimistic, I've found some people become intimidated by it on occasion... Regardless, they describe me as a very friendly, intellectual person with an open heart and kind soul, (except when I get mad; that happens, I'm sure I could give the Devil himself a run for his money, but I'd prefer we not go into detail about that here...)

After battling a very mild case of depression for two years, I decided to crack down on it and rid myself of it in January of 2013.. I was temporarily on hiatus from dA due to my fight with the little demon, but after officially returning a month or so later, here I am..

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- Note me.

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- Note me.


- SpiritWolfUS





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